Friday, April 10, 2015

YouRock! for Bungawalie Store, Ubud

After spending almost 3 months in Jakarta, we're finally back to Ubud last month. A project was awaiting us to be done : a mural for Bungawalie Store's fitting room.

Bungawalie, located at the center of Ubud, is like a curiosity shop, selling clothes, home decor, knick knacks and so much more. By the way, we did the sticker for the storefront too ;)

The owner wants something traditional, something Balinese, and this was what we create on the first place:

But a day prior to execution day, the owner asked us to do a naked girl instead to make the Balinese girl looks more exotic. Here are a few snapshots of the process:

And here is the final results:

And this is a timelapse video that show the progress, available on 2 format:

The original video

360° video (best viewed on Chrome or Android apps):

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