Friday, April 10, 2015

YouRock! for 25th birthday of Plaza Indonesia

We were given a second opportunity to work with Plaza Indonesia team for their 25th anniversary. The brief was to create a series of merchandise. And these are the alternatives we came up with:

The first alternative, we create a personalized design for each item. Copy-based with small drawings on each merchandise.

And then the second alternative, we create a mandala shape with the number 25 incorporated on the design. The mandala can be used repetitively to create a pattern.

But unfortunately, those two alternatives were rejected. The client asked us to recreate a logo based on what they already have. And this is what we created and finally approved:

We did several poses to be used for another format of the merchandise:

And these are the results, the implementation of the logo on merchandises:

 It was a great opportunity to be able to work with the Plaza Indonesia team again. Special thanks goes to Mr. Zamri Mamat who contacted us for this project. Happy 25th anniversary, Plaza Indonesia!

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